Ebony Porn Story

Tootie was an attractive 17 year old, Ebony African American honor student.She was about 5'8" tall, had caramel colored skin, long legs, largebreasts, and a well rounded, soft, big ass (or so she thought,anyhow). She was popular at school and did well academically. She wasalso on the Cheerleading squad, along with eight Caucasian yuppies. Theyliked Tootie, but sometimes she felt like the "token" black on th esquad.

The other girls sometimes gave her dirty looks when they saw howthe boys on the football team oogled Tootie's big breasts and round,tight buttocks. The other girls were all flat chested compared toTootie. When she jumped up and down during the cheers, her hugemammaries seemed to almost pop out of her low cut cheerleading top. Tootie got home from school late this evening and her father was waitingat the door.

"Where have you been?" He asked, grabbing her arm roughly. "The bus broke down, Daddy. I had to wait until help came," Sheexplained, twisting away from him. "Well how come you got that 'look', then?" He asked, looking at hersuspiciously.
"What 'look'?" She asked.
 "You know, that "just fucked" look,"
Her father answered.
He knew that look because he had been fucking her for the last fiveyears.

Tootie's father, Ben, was 6 foot tall, 250 lbs, ebony porn black, andbuilt like a wrestler. He was an attractive man with a sweet innocentsmile that disguised the tyrant that dwelled in his body. He shaved hishead because he thought he looked good bald. He was a sex cams addict andregularly fucked Tootie, her 13 year old sister Dawn, her 15 year oldbrother James and her 10 year old brother Charles, each of them at leastonce a day if not twice.

His 10 inch cock had brought pleasure and painto most of the family who lived in his home. He felt as the soleprovider, it was his right to fuck anyone he wanted any time he wanted. The family had accepted his right for fear of his wrath and whateverrevenge he would take out on them if they didn't comply with hisrequests. "Oh Daddy, you know you're the only one I fuck," she taunted him,stroking the front of his trousers and gently squeezing the growing cockwithin.

"Well, you better not be fuckin' anyone else," his mood softened and hepulled her close and planted a passionate French kiss on his 17 year olddaughter's lips, plunging his tongue into her mouth as he reached aroundto squeeze her buttocks and puller against his hardon. Tootie's mother, Sarah, watched despondently from the kitchen doorway. "Here we go again," she mumbled, returning to her dishwashing. Sarah wasBen's sister.

They had run away as children and grown up together on thestreets, eventually marrying after lying to the Justice of the Peace sohe would perform the ceremony. They had been married 20 years and shewas well aware of Ben's voracious appetite. She was thankful that shewasn't the only one in the family who had to satisfy him, so she turnedher back when he decided to spend some personal time with theirchildren, o ne at a time, in their master bedroom. Ben lifted Tootie and she wrapped her long slender legs around hiswaist.

He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his monster cock and sather on the dining room table. The other children were in the living roomwatching tv. They were used to this routine. He had done it with eachone of them many times. They returned their attention to the tv andlistened to what was going on in the dining room with bored ears. "I"m glad you wore them panties with the crotch out," Ben told hisdaughter as he positioned his cock at the opening of her vagina.

"Just for you, Daddy. Just for you," Tootie panted as her father's cockslid into her damp crevice. Ben pulled Tootie's blouse off and began to squeeze her huge breasts,then bent over to suck on them one at a time, gently biting the nowerect nipples and making Tootie gasp in excitement. She loved it whenher daddy stuck his huge tool inside her.
She'd never fucked anyone asbig as he was.

She couldn't get enough of it! She guessed she had beenborn a sex addict like her daddy. Tootie reached down between her legs and began to fondle her father'stesticles as he pounded into her, grinding his enormous cock as deeplyas he could get it in. She knew he liked for her to do this. He'd toldher so many times. He fucked and she bucked on his big tool for a fewminutes and then he picked her up again and carried her into the masterbedroom. She knew what was coming next.

Ben pulled his prick from Tootie's cunt and laid her on the bed. "Turn over, baby, I want to fuck your asshole," He ordered her. Tootie bent over and got upon her hands and knees, tucking the bigfeather pillow under her body for extra support. Ben placed his big black hands on Tootie's buttocks, rubbing andkneading the flesh, enjoying the feel of power he always got when shedid this for him. He leaned over and licked her anus, plunging histongue into it to taste the salty flavours of her forbidden zone.

Tootielurched forward slightly when he did this, then leaned back, enjoyingthe feel of her father's tongue in her asshole. Ben inserted one finger, then two into Tootie's anus, which had beenstretched from previous encounters of this sort with her father. He spit on his fingers and lubricated the tip of his cock beforebeginning to slide it into his daughter slowly, inch by inch, until hehad a third of it inside her.

"Oh Daddy, please put all of it in!" Tootie begged, pushing her hipsback toward him to engulf more of his monstrous appendage. "Okay Baby, here it comes!" He complied.
Ben pushed forth until the entire length of his 10 inch cock was buriedin his daughter's ass, gripping her buttocks with both black hands as hebegan to slide in and out of her slowly, then speeding up his rhythmuntil he was slapping his thighs and huge balls against Tootie's ass. "Oh God!" Tootie screamed.

"Oh God Daddy! Don't stop! Don't stop! Itfeels so good! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!"Ben pounded harder and harder, speeding up faster and faster until hecould hold back no longer, then he shuddered and collapsed against hisdaughter, emptying his seed into her waiting rectum. Tootie writhed andjerked in ecstasy as she reached her orgasm while her father's cockfilled her with his fluid.

When her father's flaccid cock slid from Tootie's body, she turned tohim and he held her close, kissing her gently and then passionately, hiscock rising again for her attention.